What sets us apart?

  • Our perspective has a blend of compliance and operational insights hence our practical approach to designing solutions.
  • Our compliance solutions are customized for each client/assignment.
  • Our services are cost effective. We believe in assisting our clients and not burdening them
  • Our deliverables are of high standards. We do not compromise on quality.

Why Compliance?

Compliance is not a choice but an undeniable approach that needs to be adopted to ensure your organisation is geared to great success. A successful organisation adopts necessary compliance measures to limit risks and promote good governance. With a strong compliance function your organisation benefits from numerous advantages

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Our Services

  • Regulatory Assistance

  • Independent AML/CFT Audit

  • Inclusive AML/CFT Framework

  • Risk Assessment/Profiling & Management

  • Corporate Governance

  • Independent Board Evaluation

  • Application for Special Licences

  • Preparation of AML/CFT Manual, Procedure Manuals, Policies

  • Sanction Screenings

  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

  • Customised compliance solution